Petraeus Testifies; GOP Focuses on MoveOn

General David Petraeus’ long-awaited testimony has been so prediscussed, its direction so rehashed in advance, that it had all the suspense of the 1997 World Series. In 2007.

Perhaps that’s why, when I turned on cable news on coming home from work, the big story was this awful ad MoveOn had placed in the New York Times. Angry Republicans charging MoveOn with denigrating a respected general officer of the United States Army. Timid Democrats suggesting that MoveOne had, perhaps, gone over the line.

So I checked out the ad and share it here so that you may come to your own conclusions:

 petraeusnytad.jpg (click twice to see full size)

Personally, I think making puns on someone’s last name is tacky — the kind of thing the John Birch Society types used to do. Still, MoveOne does have a point.

Here’s a little bit of perspective from Kos:

Petraeus today before Congress:

When I testified in January, for example, no one would have dared to forecast that Anbar Province would have been transformed the way it has in the past 6 months.

What Petraeus said 6 months ago at his confirmation hearing (via CQ, subscription only link):

You’ve seen it, I know, in Anbar province, where it has sort of gone back and forth. And right now, there appears to be a trend in the positive direction where sheiks are stepping up, and they do want to be affiliated with and supported by the U.S. Marines and Army forces who are in Anbar province. That was not the case as little as perhaps six months ago, or certainly before that.”


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