Ad Wars, Part Three: Not Only Illogical, but Clueless

Lesson for those in the heat of political battle: it’s hard to keep your powder dry if you go and drool on it. Serves them right when they do.

From TPM:

Rudy’s new political ad attacking Hillary Clinton features multiple pictures of General Petraeus in uniform — but now the Pentagon says that the General “has not condoned” the use of his image in Rudy’s ad or any other political ads, adding that it was done “without his consent.”

…Giuliani’s ad, in addition to featuring multiple pictures of Petraeus in uniform, also features photos of uniformed American soldiers in Iraq that are “shown as Mrs. Clinton is accused of turning her back on them,” as today’s New York Times piece on the ad puts it. You can view the ad here, on Giuliani’s campaign Web site.

Defense Department regulations prohibit uniformed personnel from appearing in political ads. And while these are stock photos, meaning that neither Petraeus nor the other military personnel actively moved to appear in Giuliani’s ad, their use in this ad makes the question of whether Petraeus or the Defense Department condone the use of images of him or other military uniformed personnel a fair one.


Not that my posting about all this is necessarily partisan. It isn’t. It is fair to take exception to anyone’s political communication when it deflects from issues that affect our lives and uses the worst of propagandistic rabble-rousing in an attempt to inflame instead of enlighten.

The propaganda from Giuliani, along with some cheerleaders here in New York State, is that is an anti-American organization that can be characterized as either irresponsible, a hate group, or both. So loathsome is, according to this narrative, that the only way to avoid contamination by it is to denounce it outright.

Gobbledegook such as this can only hope to succeed if the masses don’t actually bother to check out reality for themselves. Compare what actually says* with, for example, that bastion of the radical fringe, The International Herald Tribune.

Oooh kids… pretty scary!! Then check out the Petraeus/Bush “success” meme against any assessment in the rest of the reality-based press.

*here, again, the ad

petraeusnytad.jpg (click twice to enlarge)


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