“Values Voters Debate” Deals With Somebody’s Values

David Brody of CBS has a funny take on Monday’s “Values Voter’s Debate.”

Oh my…where do I begin? Let’s start with this. This was unlike any debate I’ve ever seen. This one put the YouTube debate to shame in an Evangelical sort of way. No snowman but it had its moments. It started like this:

The Church of God choir sang “Why should God bless America?” Then someone in the choir began reading from The Book of Chronicles and finally an opening prayer. Could you imagine this sponsored on MSNBC or any other cable outlet? The MSNBC Choir? Then maybe Brian Williams would come out and read the Book of Chronicles followed by a prayer by Chris Matthews.

It goes without saying that this debate centered on the biblical values of traditional marriage, life of the unborn and the other boilerplate issues that are part of the conservative pro-family agenda.

They even had a lightning speed round where candidates activated a green light for a yes answer and a red light for a no answer. I was waiting for Alex Trebek to step out and conduct this, maybe even say a prayer. (He didn’t but Judge Roy Moore did without the Ten Commandments in tow) Here were some of the questions candidates were asked to respond to in a yes or no format: (there were a lot of green lights)

Will you consider impeachment in cases of judicial activism?

Do you agree that multiculturalism is weakening American culture?

Will you de-fund Planned Parenthood?

Would you veto any legislation that re-institutes the fairness doctrine?

Would you nominate strict constructionist judges?

The not-so-funny bit is that this used to be the fringes of America, but until at least January 20th, 2009, it’s hanging out in the mainstream.


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