Enduring Relationship: A Love Soliloquy

 A new Congressional study finds that President Bush’s plans for the U.S. in Iraq over the next several decades will reach the trillions of dollars, on top of the approximately $567 billion the war has already cost. That accounting assumes a significant troop draw-down — and still tallies a daunting expense for the United States. TMPMuckraker

Ah, for years I yearned to possess her. That liaison years before, nearly but not quite consummated as I wished, haunted me ever since. I obsessed, often quietly, but sometimes even burst out with a longing all could see.

And oh, when my opportunity arose, how I leapt to it. I shocked her, I awed her, I ravaged her thoroughly. And ravaged her again. And she, the feisty kitten, how she fought me back. Can such passion ever cease?

Let others shake their heads and scold. Care not I. They say that she is lamed and maimed but I see only her potential glory. They say that she has drained my soul, but what soul have I but that which I would give to her? They say my money’s spent, but I would spend it all again, and more, and more…

For ours is an enduring relationship! An enduring relationship endures, eh wot? And long will ours endure! I’ll see to it! I’ll make it so! Dost call me mad? Then mad I’ll be! For naught but our enduring relationship matters any more to me!


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