Rep. Tom Reynolds, “The Kiddie’s Pal”

Yesterday the vote to expand SCHIP passed the House of Representatives without enough Republican support to overcome President Bush’s promised veto. The vote was 265-159, with 45 Republicans supporting the bill. It would take 289 votes to override the president’s veto. 

So how did our New York delegation vote? Everyone except Randy Kuhl and Tom Reynolds voted for SCHIP. Now Kuhl’s “NAY” vote should not surprise anyone, but a big “NAY NAY” from Tom Reynolds? Hmmm….. remember this?

That’s Rep. Tom Reynolds last October, holding a press conference to talk about his role in covering up disgraced Rep. Mark Foley’s behavior with Congressional pages. As we see, he had with him a large crowd of supporters children. This exchange was priceless:

Reporter: Congressman, do you mind asking the children to leave the room so we can have a frank discussion of this, because it’s an adult topic. It just doesn’t seem appropriate to me.

Reynolds: I’ll take your questions, but I’m not going to ask any of my supporters to leave…

Reporter: Who are the children, Congressman? Who are these children?

Reynolds: Pardon me?

Reporter: Who are these children?

Reynolds: Well, a number of them are from the community. There are several of the “thirtysomething” set that are here and uh I’ve known them and I’ve known their children as they were born.

Reporter: Do you think it’s appropriate for them to be listening to the subject matter though?

Reynolds: Sir, I’ll be happy to answer your questions, I’m still, uh…

Yep. Rep. Reynolds loves children. Clearly, at least, as human shields.


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