Assembly Minority, Unwired and Unhinged

Remember the recall of California Governor Grey Davis? Enron wreaked havoc in the state and Davis wound up being the goat. Now because New York State does not have a provision for a recall, you’d think talking about it here would be kind of loopy. Nevertheless, here we go:

ALBANY — In what may be the Republicans’ most aggressive action so far in their increasingly bitter struggle with Democratic Gov. Eliot Spitzer, lawyers for Assembly Republican Minority Leader James Tedisco are researching a proposal to create a way of allowing voters to unseat a sitting governor.

Such a recall mechanism would probably have to come through a constitutional amendment, which would entail approval by two consecutive legislatures and by voters.

And while it’s highly unlikely the Democratic-dominated Assembly would pass the plan, the fact that Republicans are looking at it underscores how hard they are going after Spitzer.

“We’re researching the possibility of a recall, similar to what California has,” said Bill Sherman, Tedisco’s chief of staff.

Pick my jaw off the floor! I’m beginning to think that Minority Leader Tedisco actually believes his own rhetoric about how Governor Spitzer’s plan to allow undocumented sojourners the ability to obtain driver’s licenses would open New York’s borders to a tsunami of al Qaeda operatives, laden with paraphernalia of mass death — or somesuch.

If he believes his own rap, I haven’t heard the like since one evening some 27 years ago when Lyndon LaRouche bought a half hour TV time on the eve of the 1980 election and I watched his paranoid screed transfixed the may you might be at watching a house burning down. It’s awful, but you can’t turn away.

Or maybe Mr. Tedisco finally wants to give the minority party in at least one house of the New York State more clout than that of being bearers of their own crying towels, as in the past umpteen years.

“This is not only about illegal aliens, we think it’s about illegal Eliot,” said Tedisco, who contends the change should have been debated in the Legislature rather than imposed by executive order.

Never mind that, as this blog reported yesterday, the current reliance on social security cards is pretty thin soup, and Governor Spitzer has proposed an identity verification system second to none in the country.

Also never mind that no case has been made that Governor Spitzer was not acting within his authority as Governor — until Mr. Tedisco, who is not an attorney, implied as such.

And perhaps overplayed his hand.


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