SCHIP Veto Sustained

I feel badly for the kids. For the record, here’s the SCHIP override vote.

  Yeas Nays PRES NV
Democratic 229 2   2
Republican 44 154   2
TOTALS 273 156   4

Too bad.

Randy Kuhl did not budge, and voted NAY again.

Same goes for Tom Reynolds (pictured below, surrounded by children as reporters express frustration in their attempts to query Rep. Reynolds about his involvement in covering up Rep. Mark Foley’s behavior — a topic inappropriate for an audience of small children).


Some compromise will no doubt be in the works. On the one hand, something needs to be done. On the other, how many people of conscience look forward to telling the other side how many children can be sacrificed with our blessings? This is a bad day for advocates.


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