Framing Health Care

The Fight for Children’s Health Insurance is far from over. And the fight for comprehensive health care reform hasn’t even begun, beyond a few candidates polishing their hardware.

For years, linguist George Lakoff has been offering helpful advice to progressives about framing messages. Most of his advice has been of the retrospective “you should’ve” variety.

Nice to see his Rockridge Institute getting sleeves-rolled-up into the health care debate:

In launching this campaign, the Rockridge Institute is contributing to progressives as they consider and focus their health care message. We have written a thoughtful white paper, as well as talking points, prototype television advertisements, blog posts, op-eds, and other material designed to bring some consistency and honest framing to the cause of health care security. To the many groups and individuals engaged in this cause, it is our hope we will be of some help to your heroic efforts.

Good stuff. Check it out.


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