Cheerful But Paranoid

Bob Cesca has  a terrific column in today’s Huffington Post. While excoriating John McCain and Mike Hukabee for regurgitating the myths that America was founded as a Christian nation and that to this day America is a conservative country, he gleans some refreshing factoids from Gallup

-Americans are pro-choice (67 percent)
-Americans support the Geneva Conventions with regards to torture (57 percent)
-Americans don’t want the government snooping in their bank and internet records (67 percent)
-Americans want the USA Patriot Act changed or eliminated entirely (81 percent)
-Americans support protecting the environment at the expense of economic growth (55 percent)
-Americans believe that global warming is happening (86 percent)
-Americans believe that it’s the government’s responsibility to provide health care (69 percent)
-Americans support the decriminalization of marijuana (55 percent) and support the legalization of medical marijuana (78 percent)
-Americans think we’ve lost the war in Iraq (64 percent)
-Americans are opposed to attacking Iran (68 percent, according to a CNN Poll)
-Americans support labor unions (60 percent)
-Americans want government funding of embryonic stem cell research (56 percent)
-Americans believe that free trade hurts American workers (65 percent)
-Americans believe rich people and corporations aren’t paying enough taxes (66 and 71 percent respectively)
-And overall party affiliation? 54 percent of Americans are Democrats (with leaners) and 39 percent are Republicans (with leaners).

As cheery as these figures make me, they also make one of two things clear —

1. Some mind-control technology seized the brains of a significant number of these majorities when they voted for president in 2000 and 2004, or
2. Of course both elections were stolen.


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