Classic Illustration of Free Market Ethics

Rep. Randy Kuhl’s paranoia about SCHIP embodying the threat of “a government-run, government-mandated health care system” got me thinking about other government run, government mandated systems, and what the market alternatives might be. Ready, class?

See the pretty countryside? And the happy people? They don’t need a government run, government mandated police system, do they? Why, Michael can afford protection of his own! What a place to meet a pretty young woman, fall in love, and get married. To be sure, Michael respects traditional values in doing so.

Of course there is the unpleasantness with the automobile a few scenes later. But hey! It’s a free market system in this movie’s Sicily. It’s only fair that one of the bodyguards went with somebody who bid higher for his services.

Next time you’ll keep on your toes, right, Michael?


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