Second SCHIP Vote Passes House, Misses Supermajority

The House passed its second SCHIP bill last night, modified to meet House Republican objections. Close to 2/3, but still no cigar.

Here’s the vote:

  Yeas Nays PRES NV
Democratic 222 1   10
Republican 43 141   16
TOTALS 265 142  

We see by the vote that the “objections” were baloney. 141 Republicans just don’t give a rat’s rear end about working families and their kids. The New York Tin Woodsmen remain Randy Kuhl and Tom Reynolds, both of whom voted NAY, as they did against the original House SCHIP bill.

This blog has taken Reynolds to task for his blatant hypocrisy towards kids before, so it’s time to visit the mind of Randy Kuhl. The most recent entries in his own blog show that he didn’t like the idea that some of his California colleagues were in California due to the wildfires and that he didn’t feel he had enough time to study the modified bill. Principles. This was a principled vote, as when the Repubs had the majority and gave the Dems all the time they needed to study legislation and come to the floor. So to hell with kids.

Actually Kuhl tipped his hand in his blog on October 4th, when he wrote:

Democrats are using the reauthorization of the SCHIP to usher in and promote a government-run, government-mandated health care system.

And of course, to Kuhl and his ilk, “government-run, government-mandated,” BAD. Market-based, GOOD. It’s the principle that matters! Uh huh. The problem with standing on principle against manifest reality has always been the corpses. That’s why Mill’s ethics have an edge over Kant’s, in my view. And so the 20th Century has taught me.

Oh, and Randy, your paranoia is showing.


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