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A Break From the Campaign Mud

Tired of the erupting scandals, double talk, equivocating, and all the other things that make this two year presidential cycle unbearable?

Well, Mike Gravel is back, with a psycho-delic message for y’all.

 As they say in Minnesota, “well, that’s different.”


The Religious Roots of Waterboarding

Who knew? William Schweiker develops the background of waterboarding in SightingsContinue reading

Mr. Rove, Meet Mr. Orwell

This clip from Karl Rove’s interview with Charlie Rose should go down into history as the definitive footnote to the maladministration of George W. Bush:

Continue reading

In Case You Thought Peace at Hand

Peace at hand in Iraq? Bush and al-Maliki shaking hands on an enduring relationship of a stable government and its big bro from out West? Swelling sounds of Ren and Stimpy jumping up and down while singing “Happy happy joy joy?” Continue reading

Letter From An Exonerated Man

EcuProphets highlighted the moving story by the New York Times on November 24th concerning Jeffrey Deskovic’s coping with life after exoneration. New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty forwarded a letter from Jeffrey and encouraged its distribution. So here it is.  Continue reading

Novak Tips His Hand in Huckabee Blast?

Robert Novak does a hit piece on Mike Huckabee today, excoriating him for apparently being a faux conservative.  Continue reading

Immigrants Build New York — Fiscal Policy Institute Report

My paternal grandfather worked on a German merchant ship as a very young man. Disdainful of the Kaiser’s growing militarism, he went on shore leave in New York City and never looked back. He supported himself as he attended Cooper Union, eventually earning a Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering. He opened a machine shop in Ridgewood, Queens, married, settled in Elmhurst, and raised my dad and his brothers. Continue reading