Cool Idea of the Day

Joseph Palermo has a good idea, in a column at the Huffington Post 

…the Senate should attach the S-CHIP children’s health bill to Bush’s request for $196 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan. If Bush wants his precious occupation of Iraq and the billions of dollars to maintain it, then he’s going to have to sign a bill that also includes $35 billion for the poorest children in the United States to receive elementary health care. What kind of a nation is it that spends lavishly on foreign mercenaries but denies its own children access to a doctor?

Love it! They really ought to do it. It was clever to ask Mukasey if waterboarding is torture, forcing him to either put the Bush Administration at risk or look like a fool. Upshot: there is savvy in Congress. If they’re serious about SCHIP, why don’t they do this?

Face it. The President throws tantrums when he doesn’t get his way anyhow, so why not? There is no political cost to this as far as I can see.


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