“Does This War Make Me Look Fat?”

It used to be the Democrats who appeared so willing to morph into what the focus groups du jour seemed to want that there was no there there. But I guess it’s just a nonpartisan symptom of running on fumes. From Politico:

An effort by House Republicans to “re-brand” their battered party with a new agenda and a new strategy to sell it has fallen behind schedule as GOP leaders try to referee ideological and tactical disputes among their members.

House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (Ohio) began the project to refurbish House Republicans’ scuffed public image at the start of the year, amid widespread expectations among lawmakers that the results would be ready for public rollout this fall.

Fall — that’s when they roll out the new cars. I remember the excitement when I was a kid, when the new models came out. “Man, did you see the new Sting Ray? Cooool.” What did we know? We were just kids — getting worked up over the same old gas guzzling death traps in new shells.

Boehner’s idea had been that the GOP could lift itself off the mat by borrowing from private-sector marketing concepts. Among those who have consulted in the effort were corporate brand experts such as Richard Costello, the man behind GE’s famous “We Bring Good Things to Life” campaign.

Hmmmm… might want to think of another direction with that slogan thing.

GOP, we bring ____ things to life.”

Wouldn’t want the public to fill in the blanks with the last seven years of what the GOP has brought to life, Igor.
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