Put Down Those Pitchforks

Word of the infamous Monroe County GOP flyer filtered into Albany today via the Times Union. Here it is:

side-1.jpg (click to enlarge)

side2.jpg (click to enlarge)

According to the TU, “Democrats denounced the campaign as blatantly offensive.”

Wouldn’t you? We all remember graphics like this:

cover.jpg (click to enlarge)

Of course, the Monroe County GOP flyer says nothing that Spitzer’s naysayers haven’t been saying all along, including all the inaccuracies and fevered hypotheticals.

The deeper issue, what we may not recognize, is how paranoia strikes deep/ into our lives it will creep. It starts with the MSM adopting the hate-group framing of a population as “illegal immigrants.” From there, you begin to strip 12 million human beings of their human identity.

And then it goes where it goes.

Earth to propagandized New Yorkers: Governor Eliot Spitzer does not want us to get blowed up! Nor register thousands of ineligible voters. Nor give away welfare benefits to those not qualified to receive them. Nor is Eliot Spitzer so stupid that he’d inadvertently back into any or all of the above.

The real danger to New York is inflamed self-righteousness. To all those who cannot discuss this issue calmly:

 Put down the torches and pitchforks. Take a look at yourselves.
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