Veto Override Appeal

Want to help with a veto override vote? This comes straight from an e-mail from the Coalition on Human Needs and is copied below: 

The President vetoed funds for Labor-Health and Human Services-Education yesterday.

Urge your Rep. to Reject the President’s Upside-down Priorities and Vote to override the veto!

Call Today and Tomorrow (Nov. 14 and 15), 1-800-965-4298* to override the President’s veto.

Yesterday the President vetoed a bill to fund the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services, and Education.  If his veto stands, millions of people who are struggling now will face more hardship – fewer will have help heating their homes, will be in Head Start, or will be able to see a doctor at a community health center. 

Late this Thursday Representatives will have a chance to decide if they will reject the President’s veto and support America’s priorities or if they will turn their backs on America and sustain the President’s veto. 

Rejecting the President’s veto is within our grasp – but only if YOU PICK UP THE PHONE and let your Rep. know how important this bill is to you.
The House’s Labor-HHS-Ed vote on Tuesday was just 3 votes shy of the two-thirds needed to override, with 17 not voting. 

You can help make the difference by calling your Rep. today and tomorrow toll-free, 800-965-4298

Message:  Please vote to override the President’s veto of the appropriations bill for the Departments of Labor, Health and Human Services and Education.  It’s an investment in education, health, services, and jobs for the people who live in our district and the nation.  A yes vote begins to rebuild after 7 years of cuts.  Voting against it is a vote against our communities and will hurt your constituents.

See how your Rep. voted on Labor-HHS-Ed in the past:

Need help finding your Rep’s name? Enter your zip code on the upper left side of this page: Learn what’s at stake and more:


*The toll-free number is provided courtesy of the American Friends Service Committee ( AFSC welcomes groups to circulate and use the number to support specific policies that promote economic justice and human rights, and without linking the alert to a website soliciting donations or actions which may be used to support partisan lobbying or work.


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