NYC Murder Rate Still Shrinking

New York City may have fewer than 500 murders in 2007, making this year the lowest rate in at least 40 years. According to the New York Times 

There were 428 murders recorded as of Monday — 412 killings and 16 crime victims who died from injuries suffered years ago, The New York Times reported on its Web site. That makes the city’s average slightly more than one per day.

Last year, the city reported 579 homicides through Dec. 24 — a nearly 10 percent increase from the year before.

This year, police have determined a relationship between the victim and assailant in nearly half of the slayings committed as of Nov. 18, The Times reported. The…  majority died in disputes with acquaintances, rival drug crew members or spouses and family.

Police department analysts found only 35 cases where the victim did not know the killer, as compared to 121 instances last year, officials said, according to The Times.

Click HERE for the figures showing the transition from a city of murder to a city of mellow.

The whys and wherefores are complex. Explanations have ranged from the aging of the population to shifting patterns of recreational drug use.  Because the pattern has been consistent through the tenures of the past three mayors, it stretches credulity for any one of them to be given, much less take, credit.

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