Letter From An Exonerated Man

EcuProphets highlighted the moving story by the New York Times on November 24th concerning Jeffrey Deskovic’s coping with life after exoneration. New Yorkers Against the Death Penalty forwarded a letter from Jeffrey and encouraged its distribution. So here it is. 

Best Wishes To Everybody,
As many are aware, the NY Times has just released a story about my first year out, covering the financial struggles I have had following my exoneration, as well as the difficulty in readjusting to society. It also references my advocacy of systemic reforms to slow down the rate at which wrongful convictions occur, and my opposition of the death penalty, which poses a grave risk of executing the innocent. The story is online and will be there permanently. There is audio, and a picture show.
As part of my lobbying, I have installed a petition page on my website www.jeffreydeskovicspeaks.org which I am asking everybody who is concerned about those issues to read, sign, and encourage others to do so. Past articles that I have written are also on the site. For those who are able to do so, I am asking you to print out the petition (just do a copy and paste into Word) and collect as many physical signatures
as you can. I think that we can get more signatures that way rather than by only asking people to go online and sign it, because while some may not do so, they will be willing to sign on the spot. The signatures that are obtained should then be sent to me at the following address: Jeffrey Deskovic c/o Nerrad Enterprises, Darren Wilkins, 100 Fisher Avenue Suite 189 White Plains, NY 10601. The required info is first and last names, email address’s (for those that have), city, state.

It will then be entered into the website for them.  Armed with many signatures, I believe that we can bring about meaningful changes by demonstrating to the politicians that the current status quo is no longer acceptable, and that they will have to enact reforms to protect the innocent or else risk losing their next election. Bringing about changes which will slow down the rate at which the innocent are convicted will at least give me the satisfaction of knowing that my personal suffering did not go for nothing. Because errors will always occur due to humans not being perfect, I will always oppose the death penalty, out of concern that innocent people will be executed, and so this reform will always be a part of what I champion. I would like to remind everybody that the Senate remains adamat about having a death penalty, so none of us should feel lax or safe. After all, a wrongful conviction and possible imposition of death CAN happen to anybody.  I WAS wrongfully convicted, and you, your son, daughter, relative, spouse, or best friend can be too. Will you act now, or will you wait until you are personally affected?
Jeff Deskovic

Check me out on myspace at: http://myspace.com/180415823

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