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Don’t Fret Digby, We’ve Been There Done That

Digby’s worried about a potential Michael Bloomberg independent run for the White House: Continue reading


Bloomberg Wants to Redefine Poverty

One day you want to throw a towel at him (yesterday, actually) and the next day you want to thank him for being the first public official to say what’s needed to be said for 40 years. Continue reading

Has-Beens Call for Peace in Our Time

There’s something very fishy when people who have been in or around politics and politicians for many years start publicly insisting that Washington play patty cake.  David Broder reports –  Continue reading

What’s the Sound of One Civilization Clashing?

The oneupmanship in the sound bite quips of presidential candidates and in some cases their campaign workers did remind me of flies on road droppings. Benazir Bhutto is dead. We don’t know yet who did it, but even she — praise her courage — would not have been surprised at the events of yesterday morning. Yet I do get the impression that the media, bored by this interminable campaign, are putting the candidates up to it.  Continue reading

Liberals and Race

Daily Kos has been raising Ron Paul’s ties to bigotry — for example citing this portion of a column written under his byline — Continue reading

In Memory, 2007

This list is culled from this morning’s New York Times, with the exception of the last entry, which is breaking, tragic, and unsettling for the future. Continue reading

The Martin Tankleff Story

 UPDATE 12/27: He’s free. Suffolk County notes it will prosecute again.

There was a time when law’n’order sold big. Those of us who argued for common sense would find ourselves face to face with screaming relatives.

Question the wisdom of the death penalty? “You just want to turn murderers loose on the streets!!!” Suggest that the legal system was not exactly as portrayed on, say, the Law and Order franchise? “You hate the very people who put their lives on the line for us!!!” Continue reading