Good Luck, Bruce!

Governor Spitzer appears to have gotten the idea that an advisor who has a reputation for playing well with others might be a good thing.   

If he had his way, Bruce Gyory would be reading and writing about the political history of New York. Instead, he has a chance to help shape it.

The Bethlehem man ended his 24-year career as a lobbyist last month to join Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s inner circle. As a senior adviser… it will be Gyory’s mission to help repair Spitzer’s frayed relationships with other state leaders and rebuild the once-popular governor’s image.

He certainly starts on the upbeat:

“It’s very rare that effective governors start off at their strongest,” Gyory said in a windowless converted conference room set up as his office on the second floor of the Capitol. “The stronger governors, the more effective governors, wind up getting stronger as they go along.”

… He isn’t worried about Spitzer’s early friction and conflict. “If you’re a go-along, get-along governor, not willing to rock the boat, you can have a longer honeymoon,” he said.

A good sign is what Assembly Minority Leader Jim Tedisco — Spitzer’s most visible nemesis — had to say:

“Bruce has got a lot of friends in the Legislature… He’s always been a straight shooter and a guy you could always trust.”

We can hope for the best. Governor Spitzer came out of the gate with some good initiatives, including significantly expanding education funding to meet exceed court ordered mandates, and even getting rid of the onerous collect call charges to prison inmates from their families. Of course, there has been plenty to fight over also.

Yet there are babies in the bathwaters of the Governor’s freshman year, and he will need to build good will to have a reasonable sophomore year, especially given a projected deficit of more than $4 billion.

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