Peru Sets a Fine Example for U.S. (Really!)

You see, it can be done — even if it takes a few years:

LIMA, Peru, Dec. 11 — Former president Alberto Fujimori was sentenced to six years in prison Tuesday for ordering an illegal search during the final days of his rule, as a judge ruled on the first in a series of prosecutions that may continue for months.

The sentence came a day after Fujimori shouted his innocence at the opening of a separate trial on charges of human rights abuses, which include allegations that he ordered the murders of 25 people by a government death squad in the early 1990s. An expressionless Fujimori told the judge he would appeal part of Tuesday’s sentence, which also included a fine of nearly $135,000.

Supreme Court Judge Pedro Guillermo Urbina ruled that Fujimori had abused his power in 2000 when he ordered a military aide to search the apartment of the wife of Vladimiro Montesinos, Fujimori’s former security chief, who was then embroiled in a money-laundering scandal. Fujimori did not deny ordering the search but had said it was part of a nationwide manhunt for Montesinos. Prosecutors argued that he ordered the search in an effort to seize evidence that might have directly implicated him in Montesinos’s crimes.

It’s stories such as this that put a spring back into my step. The rule of law can prevail. The law can apply to everyone. Nice thought, huh?

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One response to “Peru Sets a Fine Example for U.S. (Really!)

  1. Obviously you have no idea the condition Peru was in when Fujimori stepped into office. Corruption was rampant in the country side and in halls of government. Terrorists were running a large part of country and bombs were going off in the city of Lima. Inflation was eating the economy alive and tourism was nil. Fujimori turned all that around and saved Peru. That is a fact! You need to use that spring to do some research. It is a national disgrace to reach back in time and try to rejudge those events in today’s environment. Fujimori was lucky he wasn’t assassinated back then. Now today Peru is doing the work of the Sendero Luminoso.

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