“There’s Nothing to See Here, Folks”

…in the immortal words of The Naked Gun’s Frank Drebin, as the fireworks factory explodes in the background. So what’s to see?

Well, there’s this report:

In a new report, [Ohio] Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner declared that – despite spending more than $100 million in federal money on new voting machines after the 2004 election – the voting systems all carry “serious risks to voting integrity.”

“To put it in everyday terms, the tools needed to compromise an accurate vote count could be as simple as … using a magnet and a personal digital assistant,” she said.

and there’s this bit of recent history:

Two-thirds of Ohio counties have destroyed or lost their 2004 presidential ballots and related election records, according to letters from county election officials to the Ohio Secretary of State, Jennifer Brunner.

The lost records violate Ohio law, which states federal election records must be kept for 22 months after Election Day, and a U.S. District Court order issued last September that the 2004 ballots be preserved while the court hears a civil rights lawsuit alleging voter suppression of African-American voters in Columbus.

The destruction of the election records also frustrates efforts by the media and historians to determine the accuracy of Ohio’s 2004 vote count, because in county after county the key evidence needed to understand vote count anomalies apparently no longer exists.

“The extent of the destruction of records is consistent with the covering up of the fraud that we believe occurred in the presidential election,” said Cliff Arnebeck, a Columbus attorney representing the King Lincoln Bronzeville Neighborhood Association, which filed voter suppression suit. “We’re in the process of addressing where to go from here with the Ohio Attorney General’s office.”

And there’s also the fact that The Cincinnati Enquirer placed the former story in the Local News section, as opposed to the front page. OMG! Does this mean we’re a country that listens to Frank Drebin?

Yawn and it will go away? So it seemed when John Conyers pointed out that the 2004 election in Ohio wasn’t quite up to snuff, and given the national results, that deficit of snuff was pretty significant.

“It‘s time to move forward” was the slogan then and remains the slogan of political cheap grace. Take your horsie and shut up, ladies; it’s time to move forward.

I say keep an eye on magnets and PDAs. It looks as though they won’t be able to game the electoral vote in California, and Ohio’s democracy is looking like a lame zebra at the rear of the herd. 

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