Don’t Fret Digby, We’ve Been There Done That

Digby’s worried about a potential Michael Bloomberg independent run for the White House:

Bloomberg’s the man an awful lot of Dem leaning independents have been yearning to vote for (particularly if the rhymes-with-witch wins the nomination.) There aren’t enough of them to win an election, of course. Just enough to screw the Dems.

Here’s a man who has been in both parties and has now rejected both of them. What could be more wonderful that that! He is richer than God, and there is nothing that makes some American hearts go pitty-pat more than a fabulously wealthy billionaire who might pay a little lip service to poor people, but clearly isn’t going to do anything radical about it. Means he’s a winner. He doesn’t care about religion, and is pro-choice, so there’s little danger that he’ll make them uncomfortable around their friends. He doesn’t have any of the cultural signifiers of Perot, and while he’s not a complete neophyte (which really thrills swing voters) he hasn’t sullied his hands with too much politics, which means he isn’t tainted by that horrible epithet “politician.” Praise be.

Let’s everyone be clear about what’s really happening and go from there. Bloomberg’s candidacy, if it happens, is designed to deny the Democrats a victory in a year when the Republicans are so wounded and tired they probably can’t win it for themselves, even if they cheat. The big money boys aren’t taking any chances.

Two words: Tom Golisano. Same “platform,” too.

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