Ain’t No Time To Wonder Why

Whoopee! We’re all gonna die — Country Joe McDonald

This is sooooooo 2002 —

As Glenn Greenwald points out:

Just by the way, the whole premise of the ad is that we’re all about to be slaughtered because the Protect America Act expired. It expired because George Bush threatened to veto any extensions and House Republicans unanimously voted against any extension. Our blood, to be gushing shortly like a volcanic eruption, will be on their loving, protective hands.

So the FISA hold up is not and never has been about security. It’s all about the telephone companies doing the executive branches’ dirty work and having a comfort zone as wide as Montana’s big skies.

Greenwald goes on to point out how the ad ripped off 24. Personally, I think the ad could have gone in another direction:

What you’d do is cast Nancy Pelosi as Princess Leia, and write your own dialogue.

Have fun!

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