Alabama Blackout

One wonders why this happened during 60 Minutes’ story on the trial railroading of former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman.

At least one CBS affiliate in Alabama, Scott Horton and Larisa Alexandrovna report, went dark during the broadcast. Just went dark. The station claimed that there was a technical difficulty which lasted only for the segment on Siegelman (“NewsChannel 19 lost our program feed from CBS”). Boy, is that bad luck. But not to worry — they got the problem worked out and rebroadcast the segment that night at 10. During the Oscars.

Except by now we all know that fascism is as fascism does.

Congress tiptoed around the US Attorney scandal to our collective peril. 

They finally have held Meiers and Bolton in contempt,  months after they blew Congress off. Odds are the US Attorney’s office in DC will do nothing, as everyone knew. 

Alberto Gonzalez resigned, but is doing “just fine,” as John Edwards Hillary Clinton might say.

“Waterboard” Mukasey shows himself to have given the same kind of stand up assurances of being a nonideological professional as, say, John Roberts did.

Don Siegelman, like Joe Nacchio, happened to be on the wrong side of the Bushies and finds himself doing long and hard time. Yet Siegelman’s case appears even more blatantly trumped up.

Fascism is as fascism does. And fascism requires a supine and fretful legislature.

You can also get the transcript and watch the video at the 60 Minutes site here.

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One response to “Alabama Blackout

  1. Did you know that WHNT-TV19 was less than a year ago owned by The NEW YORK TIMES? The company that owns the station now bought it from the NYT’s. Do you not find it ironic that the NYT’s is doing a hit piece on a station it owned less than a year ago? Would they have done this piece on this station if it still owned it? I doubt it very seriously. Also did you know that the general manager of WHNT-TV19, Stan Pylant, is a registered Democrat and he became the station manager less than 3 months ago? These stories about a conspiracy are a bunch of none-sense. This is just another reason to waste tax payer dollars. Do we not have better things to spend our hard earned money on in this country?

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