Lake Effect on State GOP

It wasn’t so long ago this tidbit from The Onion got a laugh:

September 20, 2007
Guy At Bar Complaining About His Job Turns Out To Be Eli Manning

NEW YORK—The staff and patrons of Manhattan watering hole P.J. Clarke’s were only mildly surprised Monday night to learn that the gangly young man at the end of the bar grumbling about his occupation in a southern drawl was in fact Giants quarterback Eli Manning. “Go into the family business, they told me, it’s what we’ve prepared you for—for—for your whole life,” the visibly unhappy Manning told bartender Mel Gilchrist, who “really felt for the poor sap” even before recognizing Manning. “But. But! They didn’t tell me that people would hate me if I wasn’t perfect… I’m not perfect, y’know! I’m not, not—Peyton—and sure enough, they hate me. Not, though, not as much as I hate going to work every day.” Upon realizing exactly who Manning was, a sympathetic Gilchrist reportedly bought his next three rounds.

That was then. Eli Manning is now Super Bowl XLII MVP.

And now, this:

In a blow to Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno and the state Republican Party, Democratic Assemblyman Darrel Aubertine won the race for the 48th Senate District on Tuesday night.
With all districts reporting, Aubertine, of Cape Vincent, was beating Republican Assemblyman Will Barclay of Pulaski, 27,901 to 25,345 votes, or 52 to 47 percent. Barclay would have had to claim an overwhelming majority of the estimated 3,800 absentee ballots sent out by election officials.

…Aubertine’s win pares the Republican Senate majority to 32-30, a one-seat advantage. All the senators are up for re-election in the fall. Democrats, who already hold all the statewide elected posts and the Assembly majority, are determined to take over the Republicans’ last bastion in state government.

A Republican has represented this area in the State Senate for well over 100 years. But these are times to take nothing for granted.

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