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A Nickel Here, A Nickel There

The bigger, better bottle bill makes a great deal of sense. In the first place, it’s silly that a piece of plastic with a soda label on it gets recycled, whereas the same piece of plastic with a water label on it likely goes to the landfill. In the second place, it’s sillier that unclaimed nickels — deposits collected by retailers but not claimed by customers — go to the bottlers and not, say, New York State. Continue reading


How Mass Communication is Mediated is the Message

This is not a candidate endorsement post, although some might infer such. Instead, it is a meditation on how political communication works, as opposed how it used to work. Continue reading

The Business Council Defends Its Base

Here’s what New York’s Business Council says:

“For us to regain our competitive edge and keep New York’s economy strong, we have to reduce state spending and eliminate a billion dollars in new business-killing taxes and fees. Other states are already making the tough choices and cutting spending in these tough times. So let’s tell Governor Paterson and the Legislature to do the same.” Continue reading

Political Saws and Political Prisoners

We know that we probably never will allow ourselves again to elect someone who can’t even get an old political saw right.

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Recidivism Factories

I like to think that if the horse lobby had been more powerful a century ago, Henry Ford could have died a pauper and the United States would be a Third World country. When a society calcifies around its current status quo, it dooms itself. Continue reading

The Corporate Courts of America Hard at Work This Week

This is annoying.

A federal appeals court Tuesday struck down the first law in the nation requiring airlines to provide food, water, clean toilets and fresh air to passengers trapped in a plane delayed on the ground. Continue reading

Unlocking the Key to Surge Success

After a week of visits to Iraq by Important Old Men (IOM) reassuring us that the surge is working, it appears as though the linchpin to its “success” was

a) tens of thousands more American troops
b) General David Petraeus
c) Muqtada al Sadr
d) Who?

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