Does Bloomberg Believe His Own “Stuff?”

“Just a regular guy,” my son the Gotham dweller said to me. “He rides the subway just like everyone else.”

Well, son, not quite. Seems he gets chauffered 22 blocks from his home to the 59th Street station, where he zips on the express to City Hall. And that disconnect between self-promoted image and reality tells us mostly all we need to know about Mayor Bloomberg.

We should not be surprised that the mayor who loudly quit the GOP and said this:

Any successful elected executive knows that real results are more important than partisan battles, and that good ideas should take precedence over rigid adherence to any particular political ideology.

has done this:

While declaring his commitment to nonpartisanship, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is quietly injecting himself — and his money — into one of the most explosive partisan battles in decades in New York.

Several weeks ago, the mayor wrote a $500,000 check to help keep the dwindling and increasingly imperiled State Senate Republicans from losing their grip on power, according to an official with direct knowledge of the donation…

Moreover, Mr. Bloomberg has made clear to the Republicans that he is willing to personally campaign for G.O.P. senators.

Speaking of foreswearing partisan battles, it was on Mayor Bloomberg’s watch that the Republicans held their national convention in 2004, and his honor turned the Big Apple into a mini Gulag Archipeligo, which included the infamous “Gitmo on the Hudson.”

There are those who have attempted to place a heroic postpartisan mantle on the guy, as in

Look! Up in the sky!
It’s a bird!
It’s a plane!


It’s — just another damn pigeon.

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