Building the Party, One Toy at a Time

I wondered about this when it came out yesterday:

The Democratic National Committee ended 2007 nearly flat broke, with cash of $2.9 million and debts of $2.2 million. Since then it has raised some money, paid down debt and managed to put $3.7 million in its piggy bank. This compares, however, with $25 million that the Republican National Committee has in cash on hand, after having raised $97 million since the beginning of 2007.

How could this be? What marketing magic does the RNC have that the DNC lacks? I was confused — confused, that is, until this email from the RNC, which regularly sends emails to a relative to my inbox by mistake, showed up:

Dear XXXX,

As a top supporter of the RNC, I am offering you a special opportunity to help elect GOP candidates and give a gift to your favorite Republican this St. Patrick’s Day.

Meet Paddy, the newest member of the Republican National Committee’s family of elephants.


Paddy is available for a limited-time only and is sure to be snapped up quickly.  Embroidered with the official logo of the RNC, Paddy is a wonderful plush toy and makes a perfect gift for St. Patrick’s Day.  Or give Paddy to the “Green” Republican in your life who is dedicated to improving the environment.

XXXX, we’ll send you Paddy today with your special contribution of at least $35.

Your donation today is vital to helping fund the RNC’s candidate support and get-out-the-vote programs.

As the umbrella organization for the entire Republican Party, the RNC provides more strategic guidance, research, polling data and direct financial assistance to Republican candidates than any other GOP committee.  And the RNC is responsible for conducting the vital voter registration and voter education drives that are crucial to getting our voters to the polls on Election Day.

Click here to order yours today.  This special offer is only available while supplies last.

Give Paddy as a gift this St. Patrick’s Day to your favorite Republican friend, child or grandchild, or keep him for yourself.  Thank you for your continuing commitment to our Party and our cause.


Sue Gazdo
Director, RNC Membership Service

Wow. Get one for the grandkids! Actual size, 5″X4″ — just small enough to stuff into a mouth and choke on. Figures.

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One response to “Building the Party, One Toy at a Time

  1. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Tackett

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