‘Tain’t Prisons Large Enough to Hold ‘Em

Remember Joe Nacchio, the former Qwest CEO who was apparently railroaded into a six-year prison sentence because he refused to go along with the Bush Administration’s warrentless wiretapping?

I guess that may have been business as usual for those thugs.

After Philadelphia’s housing director refused a demand by President Bush’s housing secretary to transfer a piece of city property to a business friend, two top political appointees at the department exchanged e-mails discussing the pain they could cause the Philadelphia director.

“Would you like me to make his life less happy? If so, how?” Orlando J. Cabrera, then-assistant secretary at the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, wrote about Philadelphia housing director Carl R. Greene.

“Take away all of his Federal dollars?” responded Kim Kendrick, an assistant secretary who oversaw accessible housing. She typed symbols for a smiley-face, “:-D,” at the end of her January 2007 note.

Cabrera wrote back a few minutes later: “Let me look into that possibility.”

The e-mails, obtained by The Washington Post, came to light as a result of a lawsuit provoked by HUD’s decision last September to strip the Philadelphia Housing Authority of as much as $50 million in federal funds. In December, it declared the agency in violation of rules that underpin its ability to decide precisely how it will spend federal housing funds. Kendrick was the official who formally notified the authority that she had found it in violation.

Here’s what was really wrong with Gerald Ford’s pardoning Nixon. With the big fish swimming free, the water was ready to be polluted with a new unitary executive regime. And Dick Cheney was the man to bridge 1974 to 2001.

This time, they all have to do time.

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One response to “‘Tain’t Prisons Large Enough to Hold ‘Em

  1. Kim Kendrick at HUD should not be holding the office she does. Her solution and response to the above speaks volumes about her character. She continues her threats and resolution of these threats by “donation” (much like Gov. Blagojevich’s donation requests). Pay-to-Play is alive and well in DC, not just Chicago.

    US Secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Alphonso Jackson resigned in April 2008. Orlando Cabrera resigned next. Why is Kim Kendrick still at HUD?

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