The Business Council Defends Its Base

Here’s what New York’s Business Council says:

“For us to regain our competitive edge and keep New York’s economy strong, we have to reduce state spending and eliminate a billion dollars in new business-killing taxes and fees. Other states are already making the tough choices and cutting spending in these tough times. So let’s tell Governor Paterson and the Legislature to do the same.”

So here’s what’s off the table:

Spared an unkind cut, at this point, are New York’s richest.

The Senate’s Republican majority and the Democratic governor appear to have beaten back a proposal by the Assembly’s Democratic majority to increase the tax temporarily on New Yorkers making over $1 million dollars. But Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, a Manhattan Democrat, and some colleagues hold out for trying again, if not this weekend then later in the year when revenue forecasts are expected to be even bleaker.

So now we know for which New Yorkers the Business Council goes to the mat.

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