Texas-tough to You, Chuck

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I don’t recall ever seeing Chuck Norris kicked in the head, but maybe he was in rehearsals. Anyhow, in World Net Daily he states the problem–

Last week Customs and Border Protection officials reported that two months after Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff approved a $20 million virtual fence along a 28-mile stretch in Arizona (called Project 28), the fence was scrapped as impractical and ineffective.

Is anyone really shocked by this security fence fiasco? Another government solution bites the dust.

— and offers a bunch of solutions that his initial assessment of government efficacy tends to minimize. It’s instructive to juxtapose his first solution with the final solution he offers.

Here’s the first:

Consider becoming a border patrol agent. You can help to protect America’s boundaries.

Here’s the final:

If these solutions don’t stop the tides of illegal flow in and out of our borders, a friend of mine has a Texas-tough alternative and answer to replace the government’s virtual fence failure. In fact, he says, we don’t need a security fence at all. All we need to do is to post signs and position manned trucks at key points, just like our government does at Area 51, the top secret military airfield in remote central Nevada, around which there are no fences or walls. There is never a breach or unwanted border crossing there, at least that we hear about! And why? Because the boundary sign reads and is never questioned, “Warning: Use of deadly force authorized.”

So what is this? The final solution looks like an enticement for the first. I’m sure there are those who, especially upon reading the words “Texas-tough” would cry “sign me up!” On the other hand, where some read the words “Texas-tough” and see steely cowboys in their mind’s eye, others see a nascent American Einsatzgruppen.


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