Where “Senior Moment” = Bold-Faced Lying

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Remember this?

Of course, what Fox left out was that McCain had repeated the al Qaeda/Iran link several times, not once.

Much like Joe Lieberman, the New York Times today gently corrects the potential President of the United States in another of his meanderings from the reality based world:

[McCain has] been complaining indignantly that the Democrats were grossly distorting his position by suggesting that he favors a “100-year war” in Iraq, when he has simply said that he would be fine with stationing troops there for 100 years as long as there were no more American casualties.

Yet on repeated occasions, Mr. McCain, of Arizona, has inaccurately described the Democrats’ health care proposals, using language that evokes the specter of socialized medicine…

“But before you decide to sign on to [the Democratic candidates’] kind of a program, go to Canada, or go to European countries that have government-run health care systems. My friends, they don’t work, they’re inefficient, and they end up in a two-tiered system where the wealthiest can afford to pay for their own health care and those with low income sometimes wait six or eight months for a routine kind of treatment. And that’s what I’m not going to let happen to the United States of America.”

Well, it’s not that the Senator hasn’t been gently corrected on this score before:

…in August when he was interviewed by Charlie Rose on PBS, Mr. McCain said: “Look at what the Democrats’ proposal is. It’s a government-run, single-payer system like they have in Canada and like they have in England.”

Mr. Rose interrupted: “But I beg to differ. They will say that it is not that at all.”

Although he really should be corrected also on his gratuitous and inaccurate slamming of Canada and Europe.

It seems to me that John McCain is demonstrating, early on, a most pernicious feature of Bushism — utter contempt for the facts coupled with a cynical belief that a critical mass of people will buy any gobbledegook as long as you say it sincerely.

My friends.


One response to “Where “Senior Moment” = Bold-Faced Lying

  1. Would it be good to have senior moments in the oval office ?

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