The First Casualty Revisited

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Errol Morris makes a good point about our stinking torture state:

It is one thing to go to war; it is another thing to promote a foreign and domestic policy without even paying lip service to ethics, morality or the law. Make no mistake, the bad apples [of Abu Ghraib] are not completely innocent of wrongdoing, but they are not the ones truly responsible. We have punished many of them for taking pictures of abuse and have never punished the people who ordered and were responsible for the abuse.

Of course, we also know about the first casualty of war being the truth. Funny how I hadn’t associated this:

Dan Rather said yesterday that he will end his nearly 24-year reign as CBS News anchor early next year, setting the terms of his departure instead of waiting for an investigative report on his rushed and admittedly flawed* story on President Bush’s National Guard service.

with Morris’ recalling this:

It is now four years since the Abu Ghraib photographs were placed before the world by Seymour Hersh in The New Yorker and by Dan Rather in 60 Minutes II. The military and the administration did everything to prevent their release. Calls from the White House, calls from the Pentagon, the whole nine yards. Mary Mapes who produced the story for 60 Minutes II, talked about the endless pressure that came from the government not to run the story. At one point Dan told me, “Just walk away. Walk away. God damn them.” He was enraged. The photographs were eventually published – despite the hesitancy of bigwigs at CBS.

Do the high paid pundits of the Village still so quake in fear because of the demise of the Dean of CBS News — the very legatee of Cronkite’s very mantle — that even the revelation that every “objective” military analyst of things Middle Eastern was a White House flack does not disturb their silence?

One would think.

*Yeah, “flawed,” but not inaccurate! Who the hell loses their job in the Village over chickendoots like this?


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