The Roots of Hotsy Totsy

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The other day I felt I might have been a little too snarky in minimizing the rapprochement between John Hagee and Bill Donovan. As it turns out, I was probably too tentative.

Behind the scenes, there’s been a campaign to repair the damage.

Well, I figured. But who led that campaign?

Key to the effort was Deal Hudson, a former Southern Baptist turned Catholic from Fort Worth who in 2000 was tapped by political guru Karl Rove to help win Catholics for George W. Bush. This year, Mr. Hudson is on Mr. McCain’s Catholic outreach team.

I thought it smelled like Rove spirit.

Over lunch in Washington a few weeks ago, a contrite Rev. Hagee told Mr. Hudson his remarks had been misconstrued. He explained his “the great whore” quote was really about the apostate church, Catholic and Protestant and said some of his best friends were former Catholics – his wife and many Hispanic members of his congregation.

Some doing of the hokey pokey, already reported, took place, and then —

A meeting between Mr. Hagee and Mr. Donohue was arranged for Thursday at the Catholic League office in New York…

The two got along fine, Mr. Hudson said.

Mr. Donohue showed the pastor and his wife the window where, from the 34th floor, he’d watched the Twin Towers fall on 9/11. He expressed shared support for Israel against Islamic extremists and said it’s important, politically, that conservative Catholics and evangelicals work together.

“That is the liberals’ worst nightmare,” Mr. Donohue said.

As they say about the hokey pokey, “that’s what it’s all about.” It’s not about the dignity of one’s faith. It isn’t really even about Israel. It’s about “the liberals’ worst nightmare, ” isn’t it, Billy Boy? Temporal power and all that.


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