Teh Nooz Sees Its Reflection

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According to the myth, the handsome Narcissus happened upon his reflection in a pond and became so enraptured with his looks that he could not take his eyes away. Eventually he withered away and was turned into the flower that now bears his name. As does a relevant personality disorder. 

I say relevant because at some point, Narcissus must have been getting kind of scrawny and, well, unbathed. What was there to fall in love with then? I only ask because teh nooz got a glimpse into its own reflection with the release of former Bush Press Secretary Scott McClellan’s new book, in which he criticizes teh nooz for not asking tough enough questions in the lead up to the Iraq War. And boy, are they still enraptured with themselves:

“A lot of people on the left?”

Gregory is typical. Glenn Greenwald does his usual superb job today, taking down such self-congratulatory serious folk. He kicks it off with this remembrance of things past from Jessica Yellin:

Notice Yellin’s glances to the side as she speaks. Perhaps she’s thinking of the fate of the unfortunate Ashleigh Banfield — the rising MSNBC star who was demoted and then fired in 2003 for daring to suggest — at a university (dedicated to educating people) no less! — that teh nooz was not adequately covering the horrors of the war we had plunged ourselves into.

What the plutocrats don’t need is their dogs slipping their leashes and running up and down the street.

“Bad Ashleigh, bad! Shoo. You go to Court TV.”
Greenwald demonstrates thoroughly that McClellan was right and teh nooz is full of prunes. But you knew that. Why else would you read blogs? And one question we may never answer is whether these bobbleheads are born that way, or are made. One thing I do believe. If they are made, the formation starts early.

Way back in the early 1990’s, the New York State Council of Churches held a conference that included a panel of local television and print journalists nooz. The one commonality among them was their basic contempt for those I have heard some of them refer to as “the little people.”

No, the little people aren’t those of us under 4′ 10″. They are people of all shapes and sizes who don’t make a ton of money and don’t show up on teevee that much. The contempt per se came through as they defended the nooz maxim that “if it bleeds, it leads; if it thinks, it stinks” (however they framed it).

In a nutshell, we little people just can’t get enough of dead people and sex gossip, nosiree. And if you confuse us with some notion more than one degree of separation from our reptilian brains, why, we’ll just tune you out and turn you off. Unlike teh nooz, which really knows what’s what including how much truth the little people can handle.

Again, these were local celebrities. Local, as in: take the AMTRAK down the river, and you’re just another schmoe, Bob. Where do they get off with such arrogance?

How arrogant?

Well, when someone asked them about why they didn’t give more visibility to issues of peace and justice, they concurred that there was this predictable crowd of people who showed up to demonstrations and such, and that their message was predictable, and therefore not news.

I followed up by pointing out that those demonstrators had been right about Vietnam, right about Nixon and right about eight or nine other things that occured to me, and asked whether in light of that, they might consider paying more attention to that crowd. There was some applause, and from the panel —

“uh… next question?”

Why should they have answered me? As David Gregory said yesterday, it’s only “a lot of people on the left.” No need to listen.


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