Conditioned Response: “Tax?”

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Once upon a time, the sight of a person walking down a city street loudly talking to no one in particular was a sign of madness, and was a fairly rare event. Today it is a common event, and a sign that someone is wearing a bluetooth enabled earpiece to connect wirelessly with his or her mobile phone.

There was a woman in my home town, whose sons were classmates of mine. She stood out just like a street ranter of yore. It so happens she was the woman who always called in to the local radio talk show and raved vehemently about whatever. I wondered sometimes how it felt to come to school with everybody knowing (or at least thinking) your mom was weird. Weird or not, she was unusual. That was then.

Today ranters are everywhere, oftentimes rendered semi-anonymous with screen names, and commonly found on the net. They are many, but many are still weird.

Check out the responses to the press conference in Albany today criticizing the proposed property tax cap.

silverbrunogate2008 says:

“The whose who of corrupting educational lobbyist groups… They corrupt the system to their own benefit and at the detriment of the children. When will the FBI raid their offices? Why the need for nealry a dozen or so “charities” all dedicated to the same cause? Becausethey are loaded with political hacks and have license to SUCK and SUCK and SUCK money from the public until they are fat and bloated and on the verge of exploding with excess… Pathetic.”

blackcow1978 says:

“Have these pigs at the trough no shame at all? “What is the rush” DeWald added…ask the 1 million+ people who have fled this state because of crushing tax burdens over the past ten years what the rush is….the fact that the Senate/Assembly bow to these thugs is even more outrageous…I would love to see every incumbent voted-out this Novemeber. We are indeed, I am afraid, certainly doomed.”

And on it goes. All the comments run in this vein. What we learn is this. Ranters are important in that they remind us that the next to the average voter, half the voters are by definition stupider.

Thus silverbrunogate2008 can actually state as a matter of fact that those who work for the organizations speaking out today are stuffed with money to the point of bursting. (??) Fevered fantasy, that.

Of course the people really bursting with money, like the folks who formed Change New York in the nineties and got the Pataki tax cut giveways going, are conveniently forgotten. I know a lot of the people who spoke at the press conference. They dress acceptably, but not a Gucci rests under the table. But we know where silverbrunogate2008 is coming from when he writes

the whose who…” and

“at the detriment…”

Functional illiteracy is always a tell.

blackcow1978 adds some social concern to the mix, fretting about overtaxed citizens fleeing the state. Now even if blackcow1978 is right about the flight, the “crushing tax burdens” would not be alleviated by a cap. Instead, blackcow might look forward to a 4% increase in property taxes regularly, as local schools, roads, bridges, parks, and anything else countywide or municipal further deteriorated. Why? Because all the state income tax breaks the rich guys at Change New York insisted upon for themselves and George Pataki gladly implemented, again and again and again and again, have forced property taxes up. That’s who is responsible for your crushing tax burden, in case you’d like to know.

But blackcow1978 is like Maynard G. Krebs of the old “Life and Loves of Dobie Gillis” television show of the fifties. Krebs, the local beatnik played by Bob Denver of subsequent Gilligan’s Island fame, would recoil whenever the word “work” was mentioned, and squeal “work?” Dobie could say, “Maynard, that idea won’t work,” and Maynard would squeal “work?” Just like browncow1978 squeals “tax?”

The real greedheads have trained you well, citizens.


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