Floods Get Worse, Worst Yet to Come

In the past apocalyptic month: Tornados. Earthquakes. And now the floods.

The Cedar River, which burst its banks after torrential rain, has forced at least 20,000 people from their homes in the US state of Iowa, officials said.

The flooding in Iowa is the latest disaster created by severe storms blamed for at least nine deaths in the US Midwest this week.

The rain has also severely damaged the corn crop in Iowa, America’s top corn state, and other parts of the Midwest at a time when corn prices are soaring and food shortages have led to violence in some countries…

County Supervisor Linda Langston estimated the number forced from their homes at 20,000 and said that figure could rise as officials got a better grasp of how many neighbourhoods were flooded. Cedar Rapids has a population of about 120,000.


About 100 miles to the west, Des Moines was dealing with its first major flooding as water poured out of the Des Moines River and into a small neighbourhood.

Bill Stowe, Des Moines’ public works director, said he expected extensive damage to about 200 homes in the Birdland neighbourhood. “There’s not anything else we can do,” he said.

Please pray. Also, check out this. See what your church is doing; see what you can do.


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