Skelos is In

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I remember Dean Skelos when he was a young guy. He was distinguished by his dream. Everyone knew back then that Dean Skelos wanted to be Senate Majority Leader some day. And so it has come to pass:

It’s official: Dean Skelos was just elected Senate Republican Majority Leader.

The process took about 10 minutes with nominations, speeches on behalf of Skelos…

Joe Bruno nominated Skelos, noting that ”Dean has been running the floor. He has been assisting me in every way.”

“This is a very special evening for me,” said Skelos, who acknowledged his family and recalled his youth, growing up in a family of five, the grandchildren of Greek immigrants.

Heartwarming, eh? It’s nice of Joe Bruno to pass the torch in June, because who knows what November will bring to a Senate now composed of 30 Democrats and 32 Republicans, including at least one among the latter who was alive when Lindbergh flew the Spirit of St. Louis across the Atlantic Ocean — and others not far behind.

America is a place, after all, where a young lad, grandparents thick with the accents of the old country, can dream big and actually make it — and who knows? Maybe keep it for more than seven months. Or not.


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