Big Clunky Machines

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Ever since I was little I voted. Even when I was in (what at the time was called) Junior High, there were these big honking lever voting machines we’d use for student council voting — just to give us a feel for how the real grown-ups voted. I voted on those same big steel lever machine in in 2006 because  (drumroll)

I am from New York.

And New York is among the very last states to move from big honking steel lever voting machines to something consistent with new voting machine requirements. Too bad. Reality has set in.

New York state is in the process of replacing its lever voting machines with new voting equipment, but the state revealed recently that it has found problems with 50 percent of the roughly 1,500 ImageCast optical-scan machines… that Sequoia Voting Systems has delivered to the state so far — machines that are slated to be used by dozens of counties in the state’s September 9 primary and November 4 presidential election.

Douglas Kellner, co-chair of the New York State Board of Elections, expressed frustration with the vendor, saying it appeared that Sequoia was using the state’s acceptance testing process to find problems with its machines in lieu of a sound quality-control process.

“There’s no way the vendor could be adequately reviewing the machines and having so many problems,” he told Threat Level. “What it tells us is that the vendor just throws this stuff over the transom and does not do any alpha- or beta-testing of their own before they apply for certification testing. Then they expect that we’ll identify technical glitches and then they’ll correct those glitches. But correction of those glitches is an extraordinarily time-consuming process. And its very disappointing that this equipment is not ready for prime time.”

Wouldn’t you know? We’ve gotta throw a couple of elections, I guess, until we get the equipment right (and maybe get a legitimate election). 21st Century democracy. Somehow New York — the state of early 20th Century subways after all — just doesn’t feel the same with this newfangled garbage.


2 responses to “Big Clunky Machines

  1. New fangled garbage is right. Because numerous scientific studies warn that software can be easily and undetectably subverted to thwart the count, we are committed to preserving the integrity of New York’s electoral system. We believe there is a legal remedy to prevent the use of unreliable computerized voting equipment in New York and to allow the continued use of our reliable, trustworthy and low-cost lever voting machines.

    Despite widespread belief, HAVA did not outlaw the lever voting machine, nor has any court ever ruled on the issue. This litigation will seek a ruling that our lever voting system is HAVA compliant, now that disabled-accessible voting devices are going to be installed in every polling site.

    Contact us if you or your readers wanna help.

  2. oops, I guess this system doesn’t reveal the website info I filled out:

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