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Dancing With Them That Brung Ya

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Governor David Paterson told the Alliance for School Choice that he’d like to lift New York’s cap on charter schools once and for all. This is not necessarily part of his march rightward past the center and straight into the Swamps of Wingnuttia, because he has had ties to school choice advocates for years. Continue reading


Fighting Dirty Minds, Getting Dark Ages

(h/t buhdydharma for raising this story)

Did you watch History Channel’s Life After People? Wasn’t it amazing how all traces of us disappeared so quickly once we weren’t around to take care of our stuff? Continue reading

Prisons Cost; Education Pays

Tom Hanson over at adds some sobering insights into the implications of the recent Pew report that 1 in 100 Americans is behind bars, including this: Continue reading

School Aid Plan To Take a Hit

Perhaps the greatest achievement of the Governor and legislature last year was passing a multi-year funding plan for public education. Over five years, the plan would meet the demands of the CFE court decision, bringing equity in funding for high need school districts.  Governor Spitzer’s budget proposal for education is expected to show an increase over last year, but be below the curve of the plan — a 2%, rather than a 3%, increase. Continue reading

Public Ed in NY — What a Difference a Year Makes

Key progress in Governor Spitzer’s education agenda took place yesterday:

Gov. Eliot Spitzer, joined by Education Commissioner Richard Mills, put the finishing touches Monday on one of his hallmark education plans, the statewide Contracts for Excellence.  Continue reading

A Good Morning in New York

Summer weather on September 26th, blue sky, and some pretty good news. Test scores are up; crime is down. Continue reading