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Priveleges of Being Commander Guy

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Congress’s oversight authority derives from its implied powers in the Constitution. So when Congress wants to oversee anything related to the Bush Administration, the Bush Administration and anyone who worked for the Bush administration who is so inclined, repond thusly: Continue reading


Plus ca Change

Every baby boomer has to remember this:

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This Kid is Smarter than Your Kid

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(h/t stillman and MsLibrarian)

— or mine. No offense intended. And you, me, and they have a ways to go to make a contribution like this:

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March to Dictatorship Note of the Day

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There’s this quaint little theory Dick Cheney nurtured in his grinch-sized heart ever since his benefactor and hero Richard Nixon gave a final wave from his the taxpayers’ helicopter: the theory of the unitary executive. Like a previous generation that sang “Save your confederate money, boys/The South shall rise again,”  young Dickie saved the shards of his Watergate-shattered theory until the pieces could be put together again. Continue reading

A Nickel Here, A Nickel There

The bigger, better bottle bill makes a great deal of sense. In the first place, it’s silly that a piece of plastic with a soda label on it gets recycled, whereas the same piece of plastic with a water label on it likely goes to the landfill. In the second place, it’s sillier that unclaimed nickels — deposits collected by retailers but not claimed by customers — go to the bottlers and not, say, New York State. Continue reading

Bush is No Hoover

By now you’ve seen clips of this:

And you’re probably thinking, while the economy burns, that the only thing that would have completed his performance was if he had been playing a fiddle. Continue reading

The War Against Science Hearts Snow

Once upon a time a jerk drove home through a woodland every day. Every day, he’d flick a cigarette out his window as he passed. There was a drought, and everybody warned everybody else to be careful about flammable materials and woodlands. But our jerk said,

“I dunno what they’re talking about. I’ve never seen no woods catch fire on my account.” Continue reading