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Choice 2008: JFK or Curtis Le May?

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Temperament matters.

Where one is thoughtful, the other one is direct. Where one sees shades of gray, the other sees black and white. Where one thinks options through, the other declares himself ready to charge ahead. Obama and McCain at Saddleback Church? So they say. Continue reading


The New Iraq Doctrine is a Matter of Time

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Troops in Afghanistan. Negotiations with Iran. Barack Obama gets to see how his foreign policy ideas might work, since the Republicans are busy adopting them. Of course, the people putting these ideas in play are the same people who accidentally leaked this to everybody in the USA: Continue reading

It Ain’t a Timetable Until…

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There’s an old story about three umpires.
Umpire 1: “There’s balls and strikes, and I call them as I see them.”
Umpire 2: “There’s balls and strikes, and I call them as they are.”
Umpire 3: “There’s balls and strikes, but they ain’t nothing til I call ’em.”

There’s national sovereignty and there’s colonial tutelage, and they ain’t nothing until we call ’em too. Continue reading

Nascent Captain of Industry Goes to Court

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The boy wonder is facing the judge:

Efraim E. Diveroli, the president of AEY Incorporated, who is now 22 — was expected to enter a plea today in federal court in Miami, The Associated Press reports. He faces charges of fraud and making false statements to the United States Army in the course of procuring munitions for the government.  Continue reading

Unlike Lake Woebegon, in America

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Half the people are below average. Including the children.

TomDispatch went on vacation but left us an article by the author of Just How Stupid Are We?  by Rick Shenkman: Continue reading

Democratic Iraq, Bush Style

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Iraq — a democracy made in its conqueror’s image? According to a New York Times expose, in some respects, perhaps: 

A number of the half-dozen badly wounded Iraqis interviewed for this article said they had been effectively drummed out of the Iraqi security forces without pensions, or were receiving partial pay and in danger of losing even that… Continue reading

A Birthday Treat for Nelson

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Better late than never.

The US Senate has approved a bill to remove former South African president Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress from the US terror watch list…  Continue reading