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The Lonesome Death of Victoria Arellano

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(h/t digby)

In his early career, Bob Dylan used to write songs about people like Victoria Arellano. Although as I think about it, The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll* seems to chronicle a far less heinous injustice in comparison, heinous as it was. Continue reading


Getting What We Paid for on the Border

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And this development was not considered?

The pattern has become familiar: Customs officers wave in vehicles filled with illegal immigrants, drugs or other contraband. A Border Patrol agent acts as a scout for smugglers. Trusted officers fall prey to temptation and begin taking bribes. Continue reading

The Rise of Curanderas in Norte America

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The New York Times has an article today highlighting the fact that traditional healers — curanderas — have been busily providing care to sick and injured undocumented Latinos. Continue reading

Texas-tough to You, Chuck

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I don’t recall ever seeing Chuck Norris kicked in the head, but maybe he was in rehearsals. Anyhow, in World Net Daily he states the problem– Continue reading

The American Cult of Cruelty

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The most memorable public utterance this week was the Alice in Wonderland logic of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia asserting on 60 Minutes that torturing detainees wasn’t cruel and unusual punishment because they weren’t, having not been convicted of anything, being punished. He even gave the example of a police officer trying to get information from a suspect. So I guess it’s only police brutality if it’s done just for the fun of it. Or maybe that’s OK too. Continue reading

Sicherheit Über Alles Part II

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Yesterday I noted a chilling and under-reported story carried by the NY Times to the effct that a) Michael Chertoff has been granted godlike powers by Congress, and b) the rationale for this — “security over all” — is eerily dictatorial. Continue reading

The Strange Silence of Lou Dobbs on John McCain

Last week, Lou Dobbs had been apopleptic about a huge defense contract being awarded to Airbus, a European company, instead of America’s own Boeing. Like King Kong about to break his chains, Sweet Lou thundered about how the powers-that-be are destroying the middle class.  Continue reading