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Bush Role Model Found

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Michael Mukasey urged Congress to give him a spanking new ass-cover: Continue reading


The Quadrennial CYA Quest

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On Chris Matthews’ Sunday Gaborama, an icicle of insight:

Continue reading

The New Iraq Doctrine is a Matter of Time

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Troops in Afghanistan. Negotiations with Iran. Barack Obama gets to see how his foreign policy ideas might work, since the Republicans are busy adopting them. Of course, the people putting these ideas in play are the same people who accidentally leaked this to everybody in the USA: Continue reading

Priveleges of Being Commander Guy

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Congress’s oversight authority derives from its implied powers in the Constitution. So when Congress wants to oversee anything related to the Bush Administration, the Bush Administration and anyone who worked for the Bush administration who is so inclined, repond thusly: Continue reading

Biobucks Mean Megadeath — Sign the Petition

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Food riots. People eating mud to ward off hunger pangs. Starvation going up. And meanwhile, there’s collusion in starvation, and then there’s collusion in starvation: Continue reading

Lieberman in WSJ: A Study in Sleaze

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As the saying goes, to be forewarned is to be forearmed. Thus many years ago, when I had the opportunity, I developed an upper-level undergraduate survey course on qualitative communication analysis. In everyday English, that would be “all about crap detection.” I figured it was a small service to humanity, and students made the course quite popular. There just isn’t enough crap detection training going on.

If there were, Senator Joseph Lieberman’s op-ed of four days ago wouldn’t have made the Wall Street Journal. It would have made the Sand Lake Advertiser, but only because the latter journal, as I recall it, generously published most anything. Continue reading

A View from the Scaffold of a Movement

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(ht Alex Carpenter)
On its way to its impending orderly execution at the hands of the American electorate, it’s refreshing to read why conservatism has brought this fate on itself. George Packer identifies the key shift toward the dark side in the New Yorker. Not surprisingly it begins with Richard Nixon: Continue reading