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How Manly Men Respond

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In the real world , this would appear to be a non-story:

In an e-mail to the McCain campaign, Opinion Page Editor David Shipley said he could not accept the piece as written, but would be “pleased, though, to look at another draft.” Continue reading


More on the Hoodwinking of America

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Perhaps it’s a much belated mea culpa for letting Judith Miller run around cheerleading for “War! War! War!” in the first Bush term, with no more back-up than Bush Administration talking points. Whatever the reason, The New York Times published a (long) blockbuster today, along the lines of

BREAKING! Military analysts on your teevee are full of it! Continue reading

If McCain Isn’t Toast, Is He Getting Toasty?


There are otherwise rational people who have said, only half in jest, that the penultimate play of the Giants’ final drive in Superbowl XLII — Eli Manning spinning away from a seemingly certain sack, lofting the ball to a well-covered David Tyree, who catches it on his helmet, and instead of the ball bouncing away as physics says it should, it moves firmly into Tyree’s hands as he crashes to the turf — had to be divine (or infernal) intervention. Continue reading

Talking Points Under Attack!

Time to compare and contrast — Continue reading

The Mayor We Knew

The myth-making machine that is the MSM is a continually astonishing entity for its simplicity of output. In go human beings with all their complexities, out come cartoon characters, as easy to digest as Cap’n Crunch (take that as you will.) Continue reading

The Slow Strangling of Health Care by Unseen Hand

The New York Times reports on the future of America’s health care system if present trends continue, through the struggles of Grady Memorial Hospital of Atlanta.  Continue reading

Congress Can’t Get Hates Crimes Done

“Look, ma, Nancy’s doing it again!”

As the New York Times editorial headline put it so well, she’s “Caving in on Hate Crimes.” Continue reading