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The Quadrennial CYA Quest

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On Chris Matthews’ Sunday Gaborama, an icicle of insight:

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Forty Years Later, Unfinished Business

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Instead of hope for turning the direction of our war-torn nation continuing to build momentum, the Nixon era started, in a sense, forty years ago today. It comes back to me as if it were recent. I was delivering food throughout the Adirondacks that summer, stopping to catch a glimpse of the tv at every stop I could.

I’m praying for this nation, for the health of Senator Ted Kennedy, who delivered this eulogy for his last surviving brother, and for all whose hearts conceive of this earth as a shared planet.

A View from the Scaffold of a Movement

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(ht Alex Carpenter)
On its way to its impending orderly execution at the hands of the American electorate, it’s refreshing to read why conservatism has brought this fate on itself. George Packer identifies the key shift toward the dark side in the New Yorker. Not surprisingly it begins with Richard Nixon: Continue reading

40 Year Old Question Questions the Future

This question has nagged at me for 40 years: How does a two-bit prison escapee get from Memphis to London all by himself? And if the answer is, “he doesn’t,” then justice has been delayed and therefore denied for 40 years. If a hit team got away with murdering Martin Luther King, Jr., similar teams can get away with the same kind of crime today. Continue reading