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The Quadrennial CYA Quest

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On Chris Matthews’ Sunday Gaborama, an icicle of insight:

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Oh, Cindy!

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Every political campaign fudges the truth. They always will, until voters expect no more from their elected leaders than they do from, say, a halfway decent boss. That’s not an impossibly high bar. Continue reading

Fighting Dirty Minds, Getting Dark Ages

(h/t buhdydharma for raising this story)

Did you watch History Channel’s Life After People? Wasn’t it amazing how all traces of us disappeared so quickly once we weren’t around to take care of our stuff? Continue reading

The Mayor We Knew

The myth-making machine that is the MSM is a continually astonishing entity for its simplicity of output. In go human beings with all their complexities, out come cartoon characters, as easy to digest as Cap’n Crunch (take that as you will.) Continue reading

The Strange Purity of Losing Confronts Obama

Barack Obama was smart to evoke Ronald Reagan as he did, and too many people who sincerely work for peace and justice missed the point. My guess is that its an orientation problem.  Continue reading