Good Friday Meditation: Pastor Wright in Context

Thanks to laderrick for posting links to Pastor Wright’s sermons in a diary on Daily Kos.

Good Friday is the most solemn day in Lent. I consider it the closest thing we Christians have to Yom Kippur (although Good Friday seems to me pastel in comparison in our neck of the woods.) Nevertheless, we can make of it what we can, and this extended excerpt of Pastor Wright’s sermon after 9/11/01 — in its whole context — sets a tone for what Good Friday can be all about.

As Pastor Wright marked 9/11/01 as a time of self examination, Good Friday is a time of self examination too.

Let this nation of richness and power also repent of building a mountain of conclusions over stitched snippets ripped out of context. Not only is it wrong, it makes us look stupid. Sean Hannity started all of this. We should have known.

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2 responses to “Good Friday Meditation: Pastor Wright in Context

  1. wow thanks for sharing. this must spread far and WIDE!!!

  2. As I have indicated – I was stunned! After viewing so many repetitions of the several 30-60 second bits selected from thousands of Rev Wright’s sermons over the years. How many will now view this in-context statement of Rev Wright and who he quoted initially after all the damage has been done!

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